Go Keyboard: T9 android keyboard, alternative to QWERTY

Go Keyboard is a keyboard for android that can be installed from the playstore, which integrates various layouts, including the famous keypad used by old phones, including of course T9: this type of keyboard can be a valid alternative for all those who use smartphones with fairly small displays , where a QWERTY is hardly accurate and comfortable, let's see how to install and configure it.


We install Go Keyboard (for free) by clicking the link below:



We open Go Keyboard from the Drawer and at the first start we will be shown a window that will help us in the initial configuration: plug up STEP1 and enable the keyboard in Android settings, checking the checkbox related to GO Keyboard as shown in the picture

GoKeyboard initial configuration Android keyboard settings

in STEP2 select the item "GOKeyboard", After this we proceed to install the Italian dictionary selecting the item "Input setting" and subsequently "Input language settings"We will be shown one Download request of the dictionary that obviously we will have to accept tapping on “Done"

goKeyboard gokeyboard

We have finished the configuration, we open a message or conversation and we will see the new QWERTY Keyboard, we will only have to select the Italian dictionary and change the keyboard layout: 

  • to change the layout keep pressed for a few seconds on "Italian" (or English depending on the dictionary) at the top of the keyboard and a menu will appear
  • from this menu select "Switch Layout"(First entry at the top) and finally we will have ours T9 keyboard
Change Layout T9 keyboard


Go Keyboard it is also customizable with various themes, you just have to try it! 

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