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Google I / O 2014: Very little is missing! Stay tuned

As every year Google invites us to discover all the news of its (immense) world, the appointment is called Google I/O 2014, this year the 25-26 June will take place, and it should be held in San Francisco, which can also be viewed in Live Streaming from YouTube.


As usual, Google makes acalendar of what will be the event, we will see from the new Android version "L" to the smart car, to Android Wear, in short, many new features. Follow us to stay up to date on Google I / O 14.

The event will start at 9 (in the States), in Italy at 18 of the 25 / 06, which we can view from YouTube, the same should be for the 26 / 06

Google has also developed an app for Android, giving the possibility to follow the event even when we are not at home:

Download it now!

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