Google Chromecast 3 and Google Home Mini at 36 € instead of 108 €

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Super offer by Unieuro, which offers two Google products at an incredible price. Google Chromecast 3 e Google Home Mini, you can buy them together with 36€ instead of 108 €. Yes, you have understood correctly and this is not a mistake.

Google Chromecast

The offer was reported to me a few hours ago in Telegram group and is still active. Unfortunately, however, you will have to be patient because the Unieuro site has been out of reach for a while. Probably due to too many requests. But let's get to the point immediately and see how to bring these two products home at a bargain price.

All you have to do is add the Chromecast to the cart, find it at this link. You will be immediately redirected to the cart, in which you will have the possibility to add Google Home Mini. Then choose the color you prefer and click on "ADD", you will see that the price will not change and will remain of 49€. At this point insert the Coupon CLICK10 and the price will fall even further, reaching to only 36 euro, instead of 108 euro!

Chromecast 3 and Google Home Mini at 36 €
Chromecast 3 and Google Home Mini at 36 €
36€ 108€

As already mentioned, the only requirement to grab this offer is patience, since a few hours ago the Unieuro website has some problems with the requests.

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Last update: 10 October 2020 12: 08

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