Google Cloud Print: printing from android has never been so simple

Cloud Print file choice

Cloud PGoogle rint is a real must have for those who own an Android smartphone, it is in fact an innovative app that allows, in a few minutes, a connection between our phoneno and the printer.

there are no compatibility problems with the printer model: if you print from our PC, it will also print from android.

The operation is based on Chrome, the now famous Google browser, just install it in the PC where the printer is connected; but let's look specifically at the steps to configure everything:

  1. install in the smartphone Cloud Print.
  2. from PC: go to Chrome settings and log in with our Google account used on your smartphone.
  3. from PC: always from the menu settings, click on "Show advanced settings" and scroll down to the entry Cloud Print: once the service is activated we will be able to connect our printer to the google account
  4. we are ready to print from your smartphone!

chrome cloudprint configuration

in order to print it is necessary that the PC to which we have physically connected the printer is switched on, has Chrome installed and has been accessed with our google account (also used on android) within Chr
ome (menu Settings -> Login).

if we use one instead cloud printer (already set up to be online without needing to connect it to a PC) we look for the model of our printer HERE and we follow the specific configuration guide.

we will be able to choose the file to be printed directly inside the Cloud Print app which allows us to browse through the android folders via file manager, or by browsing our photos in the gallery or print the files uploaded to google drive.

Download from Play Store.

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