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Google releases the Android camera and Chrome Remote Desktop

Today two important applications have been released by Google! We are talking about the stock camera and a new app for remote PC control.


The first one is compatible only with devices that mount Android 4.4 + and goes to replace the Stock camera on devices with ROM precisely Stock, while a separate application is installed on different ROMs.
It has a simple and intuitive interface: at the start, on the left, the modes that in a few seconds are automatically hidden and just a swipe from left to right to make them reappear are shown. These are Photo Sphere, Pan, Lens Blur, Camera e Video. With the same swipe the settings button is also shown, at the bottom right, which however does not offer many customizations apart from resolution, quality and exposure. During use, however, a small button allows us to set the flash mode, change the camera, etc.

The blur is very interesting, allowing to highlight an object in the foreground blurring everything else "in reflex style".


Start screen



Download in English

Chrome Remote Desktop

Android, based on Linux Kernel, does not support Linux.

The remote desktop control application only works on Windows and Mac. I can't give a detailed explanation, as I write from Ubuntu, however the operation is really simple: just download the application (badge to follow) and follow the instructions .. then just add theChrome browser extension. Through Chrome Remote Desktop, it will also be possible to support those in need, provided that the computer is shared and that, obviously, we have the access key.

Download in English

I leave you with some Android Police images, in the meantime I will try a workaround to make the app work on Ubuntu .. hoping to do it 😀

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