Greenify: the best app to save battery on Android

Greenify, in my opinion, one of the few applications that really works for saving the battery.

download for free The minimum requirement to install this app is root permissions, although, having arrived at the 2.0 version it was "opened" to non-rooted devices (albeit with some limitations like automatic hibernation).
It is an application that in practice IBERNA apps that require more battery power, such as games that send notifications or other applications that run in the background even if you don't want them.

ATTENTION: if messaging apps are hibernated (see whatsapp, mail and the like), messages will no longer be notified to you.

For example, if you hibernate Androidweather, and you have the widget with weather forecasts and time, it will no longer be possible to update it automatically, because once it is closed it will be frozen by greenify and put out of action until the next start. In the paid version, Greenify donate, you won't have this problem of notifications, in fact with this version it will be possible also to freeze the messaging app and still receive notifications, thus having maximum battery savings.
Once you open the app and skip the presentation, the screen that appears will be of this type:


The applications you have already hibernated will be in the lower part of the screen, the waiting ones will appear as second ones and, first the ones you have used recently or you don't want to hibernate. As for the rest of the apps instead, you'll find them tapping on the + symbol, select them and hibernate them to your liking by tapping on the tick symbol that appears at the top right.

Other secondary functions are also possible such as FAST IBERNAZIONE directly via an icon on the screen which, when activated, causes all those applications you have recently used or that you have forgotten to list to be re-hibernated. It's really very simple to manage and it works! Below you see a screenshot of my battery activity, when I took this picture, I was still at 75% ... So, I can state without a shadow of a doubt that Greenify does what it promises. shot_2014-02-02_08-54-35
Below is the link to the Play store for Greenify and a link to the article on Wakelock detector, another very useful app for monitoring processes and applications that consume battery improperly. WAKELOCK DETECTOR

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