Earn space on your device without giving up the apps with Titanium Backup

By now smartphones and tablets have reached the levels of small portable consoles, as shown by the titles of games that follow one another, which now have incredible graphics and fluidity, characteristics that however weigh on the phone's memory. Take for example Gangstar Vegas which has a weight of 2.5 gb!

To avoid this problem it is possible to buy external memory cards or, alas (for those who have devices without expandable memory) delete the application, risking to lose even the data of it. To remedy this we are met by Titaniun backup, a fantastic app that allows us to create backups of applications (with or without the related data) user and system and restore them later, all with a single touch. This application needs ROOT permissions and in addition to simple backups it allows us to do something else, like deleting system applications (otherwise unmovable) clearing the cache of all the apps and deleting the data and much more.

So let's see how to save space on our device


We install the application via the link at the bottom of the article and give it root permissions. Let's open it and plug the top right icon [1], which will take us to the area Multiple actions. Here we have various options: we look for Backup and select Backup of all user applications [2], then we plug START. At this point we will notice a list of all the apps installed by us with a check on the left. If we don't want to create a backup of all of them, we select Uncheck all at the top to then choose the individual applications to "backuppare" and press the green symbol at the top right [3] for give the go (it is recommended to close all the apps before backing up).




Let's move the backups

Now we can delete the apps we have backed up to save space, but we can save even more by moving backups (despite the slightest weight) on other devices or any cloud storage service. So let's open our file explorer and look for the TitaniumBackup folder. We select all the files or those that interest us and move them.


To restore, when we miss our beautiful game or app, we copy the files back into the TitaniumBackup folder, if we have previously removed them, or start the app of the same name directly. Now clicking again on the icon at the top right [1], we look for restores and here we can choose the Restoring missing applications in case we want to restore only app that we have deleted or the Restoring all applications and data to restore all the applications we backed up. We then choose the apps to restore and press the green button [2] to get our apps back to the state they were in!

This can also be useful when you need to perform full wipe.

The application is free in the play store a this link.

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