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If you are reading this article you will most likely want to enjoy a few relaxing hours watching a nice streaming movie on Android, I want to help you and save you precious time:
I made a comparison between the various Playstore apps, which allow you to stream movies on Android, and I selected the best ones, you just have to read the article and choose the one that's right for you!

I tried more than 20 different applications and only a minimal part of these proved to be really functional, most were simple advertising containers or to make it simple "junk applications". I must specify, however, that I have limited myself to free applications, I hope the situation will be very different among the paid applications.

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Below you will find the results of my experiment:


Essential application, it doesn't even have an integrated video player but it does what it should in the best way.
Its operation is really simple, I'll show you the few operations that will allow you to watch streaming movies on your Android device:

  • Download a video player from PlayStore, I advise you MXPlayer which is used by over 2 million people!
  • Go in search of the movie you want to watch in streaming among the dozens of websites that offer this type of services, if I can give you some advice, start your search from HERE
  • Once you find the video that interests you: copy the link of the video from the browser and paste it into the application AndStream, in the special bar.
  • Click "streaming”And in a few seconds the video will start playing.

The advantages of using AndStream they are linked to the possibility of using the same contents accessible from PC: large availability of videos, good chances of finding excellent video quality and fast loading of the content that allowed me to watch several films without running into annoying "buffering".

AndStream - Streaming Download
AndStream - Streaming Download
Developer: FuscoDev
Price: Free


Viigle is perhaps the most famous streaming movie application for Android with over 100 thousand downloads.

Its operation is similar to AndStream and therefore the same considerations apply

The graphics are accurate, the loading speed is excellent (connection permitting) but unfortunately it is a demo usable for 7 days, after which we will have to pay 2,90 € to buy Viigle: the availability of content is the same as that for the PC since the sources are the same (putlocker, filmxtutti, nowvideo etc etc), so if you want the best streaming experience on Android I suggest you buy this application.

Download Viigle | Alternative link market

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MEGALANDIA (Removed from Playstore)

the "official" successor of the old Landia Movie (originally Shark Movie), free, with a very clear graphic: to avoid copyright problems the movie posters are not inserted, consequently it presents itself with a search bar to which we can apply filters (only audio, video, other files) and nothing else .

Films are searched in the Hosting service MEGA and it is possible download or view them in streaming, based on a single source we do not have a wide choice of titles, especially the most recent ones.

Video quality it is generally good, with excellent fluidity, to signal instead the problem encountered during the reproduction of the film: bringing it forward or backward, the reproduction will resume from the point we were looking at, making it impossible to jump to a precise point of the video, which is quite annoying.

Megalandia it also allows you to play and download music.

KISSTUBE (removed from the Play Store)

A real must have for the regular visitors of the famous Big G video portal: KissTube intelligently and accurately catalogs Youtube content, dividing its contents by genre: Music, Cinema e Other (Advertising spots, cooking videos, to learn English etc ...), the section Cinema specifically racchude all the films on Youtube cataloged by genre:

  • Science fiction
  • Musical
  • documentaries
  • Comedians
  • Horror
  • Western
  • Animation movie
  • Crime
  • Action
  • Popular
  • Independents
  • Backstage
  • Movie sorting based on the letter of the title

The well done graphics make KissTube a simple, comfortable and very functional app, I also want to point out that it is not present NO ADVERTISING BANNERS! really a pleasant discovery that was reported in the comments.

What do you think this article is coming in handy?

It took me a whole day to select the best free streaming applications, if you are appreciating my efforts, you also let Google know that this article can help other people, you will just need click on the + 1 below and you too will help improve the indexing of this article (in addition to making me immensely happy) 😉

WATCH FREE FILM (Removed from the Playstore)

This application searches for complete films to be streamed using exclusively as a source Youtube: this implies the advantage of being able to reproduce multimedia streams with maximum fluidity by exploiting the performance of the Google network and it is also possible to reproduce the film directly with the Youtube application.

As disadvantages of course we find a rather limited availability of content compared to other services that certainly have less scruples in infringing copyright than Google, despite this this application does what it must: if Youtube is the desired film, Watch Free Movies will be able to find him!

Being able to see your favorite movies on your Android device can certainly be useful, unfortunately for us Italians, mobile internet offers impose many limitations to this use because of the ridiculous amounts of data offered by telephone operators, also with the current autonomy smartphones are practically obliged to recharge the device while a movie is playing since the screen (which is the main cause of battery consumption) will remain lit for more than an hour.


This article does not in any way want to entice the user to violate any copyright of illegally uploaded content online, but is intended as a disclosure of information on the functioning of both legal applications present on Google PlayStore and Online.

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