Guide: Update MIUI from recovery with ClockworkMod

In a precedent article we explained how to update the MIUI from Updater, today I want to explain to you how to update through a recovery, which is not the classic MI recovery, but a particular recovery.

CWM (ClockworkMod) offers advanced options, such as backup and restore, the possibility, mounting and formatting of sd and usb cards and the TrueDualBoot. It is no longer necessary to rename the roms, language packs and gapps to to perform the flash. We can then copy all the packages at the same time to our device leaving the name unchanged and install them one at a time (rom-> language pack-> gapps) without continuous reboots. In addition there are also the Italian versions and even some compatible with the touch, but the real difference between this and MI recovery is the possibility of to be able to flash both system (obviously for Xiaomi owners which is composed of system 1 and system 2) directly from the recovery.

ATTENTION: with this recovery it is as if the system were one and in case of a wipe, therefore, the user data would be lost in both systems! Furthermore, updating from Updater, CWM will again be replaced by MI recovery. It is therefore recommended to always flash by CWM or flash the recovery again after updating from Updater. Obviously if we don't want to use it anymore, after the update by Updater we will find our MI recovery.

To create a backup of the data read here o here!

Flash the ClockworkMod

Flashing the CWM is as easy as making an update, but for those who do not know the process we explain how to do it. Download CWM (link at the bottom of the article) and rename the file to Now connect our device to the PC via USB and copy the file to the main folder. We disconnect the terminal and turn it OFF. Restart in recovery mode by holding down the button su volume and power up until the logo appears. Once in the recovery, we will find three entries, namely the languages. Let's move with the volume keys to English (unless you understand Chinese better) and press the power key to select. Now let's move on Install and select. An entry will inform us that the operation is not reversible, we confirm to continue and eventually the success of the flash will be notified. Now let's go back and choose reboot to restart.

MIUI update

After flashing CWM, we still connect the terminal to the PC and copy the installation files (ROM, language packs and gapps, without changing the name) in the folder we prefer, since it will be possible to search for files in any folder of our SD directly from CWM. For convenience I have copied them to the main folder. After that, we restart again in recovery mode and, moving with the volume and power keys, we choose between the various options install zip from sdcard (1). Now let's select choose zip from sdcard (2), then our update file (3) and finally the system on which we want to install it. The last choice will appear, with many No and one Yes (4) with the name of the selected update next to it. We choose Yes and the update flash will start (5). We repeat for the language pack and any gapps, and we do the same on the 2 system if your terminal has it, otherwise we have finished. To exit we go back by selecting Go Back up to the main screen where we will choose Reboot system now. We will be asked if we want to flash the recovery, select Go Back again until the restart and our terminal will start updated. In the event of a wipe, reconfigure the phone or simply restore the data and enjoy the MIUI!


If you want to install also photo sphere, read this article.
ClockworkMod Donwload:
I downloaded CWM for Xiaomi MI2, I don't know if it is compatible with all terminals, here is a list for some and if you don't find yours, google is the way!
NOTE: the guide is based on the 3.9.13 version which, like the previous one, could cause digital signature problems with MI recovery. It is recommended to install via CWM or from updater.

Xiaomi MI2 | 
Supported devices | ClockworkMod

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