[Guide] How to update NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu [Bumblebee, Optimus]

Some time ago I wrote a guide concerning the cards Optimus di NVIDIA, and that is su how to install Bumblebee, which manages the switch between the integrated card and the dedicated card.

I also briefly described how to update the drivers once Bumblebee is installed, but today I want to write a more detailed guide, so let's go straight to the guide.



First you need to add the repositories, then update:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa: xorg-edgers / ppa sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

And immediately after we can install the drivers if you have already installed Bumblebee, otherwise follow the guide linked in the first part to install it

sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings-331

This command will install the current version. If the driver version is different, just change the number.
Without this, all that remains is to modify the bumblebee configuration file, bumblebee.conf

sudo nano /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf

Of course you can also use a text editor instead of dwarf, for example gedit o kate (depending on your distribution), so you can use a graphical interface. Here you need to change a few lines to get the following:



line 22 Driver = nvidia
line 55 KernelDriver = nvidia-331
line 58 LibraryPath = / usr / lib / nvidia-331: / usr / lib32 / nvidia-331
line 61 XorgModulePath = / usr / lib / nvidia-331 / xorg, / usr / lib / xorg / modules


All that remains is to update bbswitch and restart bumblebee

sudo apt-get install --reinstall bbswitch-dkms sudo /etc/init.d/bumblebeed stop sudo /etc/init.d/bumblebeed start


FPS test

To check now the difference of framerate per second between the integrated Intel card and the dedicated NVIDIA card, let's move into the folder / Opt / VirtualGL / bin

cd / opt / VirtualGL / bin

and type


to check the integrated video card;

optirun ./glxspheres64

to test, instead, the fps and Megapixel / s of the dedicated card.

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