[Guide] How to activate the Guest Mode on Chromecast

At the last Google I / O, it was announced that chromecast he would soon receive an interesting new feature, the Guest Mode. Months have passed, but this feature is not yet available, however the guys from AndroidPolice have decompiled the latest version of the Chromecast application for devices and clearly reads how the Guest Mode will work.

<string name = "settings_opencast_label">Guest mode</string> <string name = "settings_opencast_pin">PIN% 1 $ s</string> <string name = "settings_opencast_getting_pin">Getting PIN device ...</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_intro_title">Guest mode</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_intro_description">"Let anyone in the room connect to your Chromecast without being on your Wi-Fi network.

It is a combination of your Chromecast's location and Wi-Fi to identify nearby devices. "</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_learn_more">Learn more</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_turn_it_on">OK, turn it on</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_learn_title">How it works</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_learn_description">"You can't hear." You can't hear.

If the audio is pairing fails, the guest will be asked to enter the PIN displayed on your Chromecast's home screen.

You can turn off this feature at any time. "</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_warm_welcome_title">Share your TV with guest mode</string> <string name = "settings_cast_nearby_warm_welcome_description">"Allow anyone in the room to connect to your Chromecast without being on your Wi-Fi network.

To enable this feature, go to device list, select your device and turn on guest mode. "</string> <string name = "setting_cast_nearby_warm_welcome_dimiss_button_message">Ok, got it</ string>

So the guest mode on Chromecast will be available soon with the next release of the application, but on XDA we immediately got to work and a little guide came up to activate it before it is officially released!

What is guest mode on Chromecast?

As you know, in order for Android devices to communicate with Chromecast, both must be connected to the same WiFi network. The guest mode, instead, will enable the communication of the devices with Chromecast even if these will be connected to different networks.

Activate Guest Mode on Chromecast

To activate guest mode on Chromecast it is necessary that your device (smartphone, not necessarily Chromecast) has i root permissions, so you will need to install the latest version of Chromecast e #Configurator for Root:

Download Chromecast from Playstore | Link
Download Configurator for Root | Link

Now start #Configurator and type

gms: cast: cast_nearby_device_scanner: is_enabled

under the heading Flag,


under Value. Then press the button Configure, then enter the string


under Kill processes and plugged Kill.

That's all!

Reverse procedure

If you want to remove the changes, just enter False in place of True.

I want to clarify that the guide has not been tested! Proceed at your own risk.


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