[Guide] How to block YouTube channels

When we access YouTube, in the home, we find several videos, which are shown to us based on various factors: the videos of the channels we have recently watched or those to which we are subscribed, those recommended by youtube, the most watched and favij.


It is probably one of the most popular channels in Italy, okay, but I find the videos of this little boy everywhere, he is literally spammed in any corner of YouTube. I'm not one who likes to watch the gameplay but I certainly don't want to criticize it, on the contrary, but since I see it everywhere, the desire - the need, perhaps - to block this channel was born in me.

Favij apart, that of blocking YouTube channels, is a procedure that is useful to me in other cases: if we log out before watching a video, the next time we log in, we will not recommend the channel and videos related to the one watched. Unfortunately I almost never log out and it often happens that someone - in the family - uses my PC to view videos of various categories on the tube. The result can be imagined: videos - of which nothing matters - recommended here and there.

So let's see how to block uninteresting YouTube channels, so, wanting to watch one of their videos, it will be sufficient to look for it.

The first thing to do is, via YouTube itself, block the user. To do this, simply access the channel you want to block and switch to the tab Information; here, finally, click on the flag below and click the first item: Block user.

This can be enough in most cases. But going back to Favij and the like, which are spammed in all the sections, this method is not very effective and we have to resort to using an extension.

Video Blocker - available for both Firefox that for Chrome - allows you to block Yuotube channels and to no longer display videos anywhere, including the home, videos suggested during playback, etc. The installation is obviously easy, just one click and, after activating it, we can finally block the channels in just a few clicks.
While on Firefox it will always be active, on Chrome the extension icon will only activate when we visit Youtube, exactly in the search bar. On both browsers, however, the procedure to block a YouTube channel is very simple: on any page we will find ourselves, just a click with the right button on the channel name and then choose block videos from this channel.

Finally, with a click on the extension icon, we can export and import all the blocked channels, add them manually or remove those previously added.

A similar solution should also have it AdBlock, but honestly I haven't tested it. Do you know another solution? Or don't you get disturbed by the videos suggested by YouTube?

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