[Complete guide] Optimize Android battery - Undervolt and Underclock

With our terminals we do everything now, and we can always do more, except to make the battery last for more than a day! Or at least we complain about this. Obviously the battery life depends a lot on the use and consequently the more we use the device the faster we drain the battery. But is the use of a terminal the same for everyone? Obviously not. There are those who use their device for work, there are those who use it only to play, there are those who use it to chat and so on up to dozens and dozens of combinations.
There are also those who say (perhaps ironically) that the cell phones of the previous era were better for life! In a superficial comparison we could say this, but looking at the reality, what we do with a mobile phone today does not stand comparison with the 'ancestors', not to mention that the displays are considerably larger and with millions of colors and more pixels and how we all know, the display is what most affects battery consumption.

Surely during the use of the device a greater consumption of the battery will be recorded, but if we do not give the right attentions, irregular consumption can occur even during the stand-by! So what should you do? Don't use our device anymore? Already! No, I'm kidding, but we need to understand how the Android system works, what irregular battery consumption may be due to, and therefore try to 'fix these problems' to get longer battery life, achieving a good percentage of longer life depending on of the changes made.

So in this article I want to go deeper into the battery topic once and for all. I've been looking for information for a while and I got some ideas on how to properly charge the battery, which applications to use and which not and tried to put this information into my Xiaomi Mi2 device with which I can do up to more than 5 hours of screen on with the standard 2000 mAh battery. To underline that I mount the ROM MIUI which can handle the CPU frequency with saving, normal, and performance modes, but everything you read will be fine for any device with any ROM.

The article is divided into various sections that you can reach with the following links, which you can find in each section.

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