[Guide] Microsoft Remote Desktop: PC configuration and Android app

A few days ago it was released by Microsoft an application to control your desktop remotely from Android devices. We are talking about Microsoft Remote Desktop. We tried it and we have to say that Microsoft did a really good job. The application is fast, does not seem to be laggy and does what it promises to do. But apparently Microsoft hasn't provided a configuration guide, so we'll take care of it! 😉

PC configuration

Most Windows users will surely have operating system versions of Windows 7 based on Basic, Home Edition, Home Premium. Unfortunately these versions do not natively support remote desktop How Windows Ultimate 7. To make the Android application work, we therefore need to apply a patch to our operating system (link at the bottom of the article)

After downloading the patch, we unpack the content into a folder as we like and open it. Inside there will be 3 folders, we have to open the last one RDP + Patcher (Funciona) and right click on Concurrent RDP Patcher.exe to perform as an administrator. At this point we check the box Enable multiple logons for user and we press patch.


Now that we have enabled the remote desktop for our operating system, make sure that it is actually active.

From the menu Start we open computer and right-clicking anywhere in the folder Property. Now let's click Remote connection settings on the left and tick the box Allow Remote Assistance connections to the computer, we press Advanced and here too we check a box: Allow computer control from remote locations. We press Ok, Apply and our PC is finally ready to make remote connections with other devices.

Android configuration

Note that in this guide the PC and the Android terminal must be connected to the same WiFi network and that the PC must have at least one password-protected user account. Download the application (link at the bottom) and start it. We press the key + bottom left and configure the connection: microsoft-remote-desktop-configuration

  • Connection name: we must put a name at our leisure.
  • PC name: the name of our PC. If we don't know, let's look at the Start-> Computer menu. The name of our PC will be written down below.
  • Gateway: we leave this field unchanged.
  • User name: we choose the name with which we log in
  • Password: the password for the chosen user.

We press the button at the top right to finish the configuration and clicking on the new line that appears - with the name chosen previously - we will enter our PC! A screen will notify us to know whether or not to trust the certificate. We reward Once Trust to connect us once and then display the message at every connection attempt or Always Trust to connect immediately in the following connections. microsoft-remote-desktop-certificateWe then choose how to access and instantly we will be inside our PC!

Remote Desktop Patch | Download in English

Microsoft Remote Desktpo | Download in English

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