Guide to obtain root permissions on CUBE U39gt tablets on WINDOWS XP



This guide is the first of a short series designed to lend a hand (in root and in modding in general) to all those users in possession of Chinese brand devices.


Who owns Chinese smartphones or tablets, knows that it is not always so easy to take care of their modding, both because they often lack the references in Italian on the web (and not everyone knows English), and because not being common brands in our country, the more often than not there is no correct or simple information to follow on the forums.

One of the suggestions I will give you in this guide, will be precisely to go to googling, not by brand and model, but by brand and number of processor, because in the end it is what interests us.


But let's get to us ... I have a tablet Cube U39GT w-fi for a few weeks and being a newcomer to modding, one of the first things I did was just trying to get root permissions, basic to make any modding operation .

Unfortunately, nothing so simple has been found!


I own 2 pc, my personal with Windows 7 and the one working with Windos xp, the specific one because, it seems absurd but it is true, the procedure changes a lot between the two operating systems.

The first, and also the simplest, is the procedure for XP.

It is essentially based on a Chinese program Zhuodashi (IN CHINESE) designed for the modding of Chinese devices (as soon as I can, I promise a deepening on this little program).

Although it is very simple to use in Chinese, the word ROOT (which at the moment is the only one we are interested in) is written in western characters, therefore easily identifiable.


  1. download Zhuodashi.
  2. Activate the debug mode on the tablet by going to SETTINGS, DEVELOPER OPTIONS, tick DEBUG USB.
  3. With the tablet turned on insert the micro usb and connect it to the PC.
  4. Windows xp will not recognize the device initially but will download the necessary drivers for the operation by itself, you will see the "device driver" installation icon in the bar at the bottom right of the screen. It will do everything by itself, you will only have to give the ok once the installation is finished.
  5. Always with the tablet attached to the PC (in debug mode) open Zhuodashi (on the PC). Do not plug anything, let it work for a few seconds until it recognizes your device (photo below). (I noticed that, depending on the version of Zhuodashi you download, the graphics may vary slightly, however the word ROOT remains written in western characters).
  6. Once the program has recognized the tablet, tap on the word ROOT you see at the top left marked with the pound sign. cube-u39gt-1
  7. The program will work for a few seconds showing you the circular sign of the working in progress, after which it will show you a form with the word ROOT in a green rectangle. cube-u39gt-2
  8. Plug the green rectangle and immediately do the same in the window that appears.
  9. The result will be this screen below, a check mark in the middle, the word ROOT below and in the green rectangle, some incomprehensible ideograms that I think they want to say OK. cube-u39gt-3
  10. IMPORTANT I recommend repeating the procedure twice, because often the first does not work, do not really know why. In practice, from the screen above, tap the green rectangle that will send you back to the beginning of the root procedure and do it all over again.
  11. Once finished, unplug the tab and check, above you should have installed (happens automatically) Supersu and (at least for the Cube U39gt) Kinguser. As soon as you open one of these two apps. the device will ask you to authorize it to use the root permissions, from here you will have the confirmation of having correctly executed the procedure.

If you want to be sure about 100%, download an app like Ccliner from the market play and try uninstalling the pre-installed Chinese apps. If the procedure is successful, you have successfully rotated the tablet!


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