[Guide] Samsung Galaxy S6 Root without PC [PingPongRoot]

Make the root it's always a dilemma after buying a new Smartphone.

I don't want to void the warranty!

This is perhaps the most common reason why a user does not want to get root permissions on his own smartphone. Furthermore, the procedure is usually a little complicated, especially for those who have recently ventured into the world Android.

In most cases you need a PC and other tools, such as ADB or other tools depending on the Smartphone. To root on a Samsung, for example, it is necessary Odin, although there are now applications that simplify the process a lot (see Towelroot is Framaroot)

But today we see how easy it is to get root permissions on Samsung Galaxy S6, the brand new Samsung Home Smartphone. Moreover, this proceeds will not void the warranty, nor the KNOX counter, which will remain unchanged!

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 without PC!

xda-developers is a forum full of resources: just yesterday morning a new application was published - PingPingRoot - that with 1 tap and without the help of the PC, or other tools, it will root the Galaxy S6!

Download PingPingRoot | Link

  • Once the file is downloaded (party_beta1.7z), the content must be extracted.
  • Inside is the file pingpongroot_beta1.apk to install on your smartphone.
  • After installation, open the new app
  • to press Get Root, And that's it!

However the application is currently still in beta, which means it may not work on some devices. Also, as the developer also recommends, it's a good thing to back up your data before rooting.

Compatible ROMs

To verify that the ROM is compatible with the application, you need to go to Settings -> Phone info. If the code is the same as one of the following, the app should root without any problems.

G920VVRU1AOC3 (present some bugs at the moment)

Other versions will be tested soon and added to the list, from time to time I will update the article!


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