[Guide] THL 4000: Flashare new ROM with SP Flashtool

About a week ago, contact me Domenico for advice on buying a new smartphone, since its THL 4000 it was dead. After several emails, we discovered that Windows still recognized its THL 4000 after connecting it to the PC via USB cable.

Following some requests on the forums, Domenico was able to get his THL 4000 working again, then he wrote and sent me the guide for restore this smartphone, via Flashtool.

Here it is shown below

How to restore THL 4000 with SP Flashtool


First, you need to download the necessary, or the ROM and the tool:

  • SP Flashtool | Download
  • Official ROM | Download (you must register to download the ROM)

Start SP Flashtool
THL 4000

click Option top left and configure everything as in the following images

THL-4000-2 THL-4000-3

After that, close the window Option and move to the tab Download of SP Flashtool. Arrived here, click on Scatter-Loading and select the file MT6582_Android_scatter.txt contained in the folder:


At this point a series of files will be loaded into the program they must all have the tick selected as shown in the figure. Finally set Download Only in the drop-down menu.

Now we need to turn off your smartphone and remove the battery; then click on Download (green arrow) and connect the smartphone to the PC.
If everything has gone right, the THL 4000 will be formatted: a red bar will be shown, followed by additional bars until the complete firmware (ROM) installation.

  • Generally when the smartphone is connected to the PC from off and without battery, the PC if it recognizes it emits a sound. This means that the drivers are ok!
  • If the program gives an error with a window and fails to reinstall the firmware, select it in the program window Format All + Download.
  • If there are driver problems, use Drive Cleanup Wizard to do a driver cleaning and try to have the cell recognized by the USB cable on the PC!
  • If the smartphone is correctly recognized, to the left of the program - as in the last figure - a window will appear with the writing: Chip Info.

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