Hacking Android games - tricks for almost all games!

Are you tired of how some games pay off your progress? The coins you receive are few and you want to finish your game faster and maybe unfairly and then look for tricks around the web? In reality there is an application that allows you to modify the data of your game, obtaining the coins you want, without downloading anything else. Let's talk about Game Killer, an app to get tricks in Android games, and we can compare it to Cheat Engine on the PC, because, if you already know it, they work about the same way.

Game Killer works with almost all games, it doesn't go however with multiplayer online games and most importantly, you need to have the root permissions so that it works. But let's see in detail how to hack a game.

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Hacking a game

  • Download and install Game Killer | Download (updated link 17 / 06 / 15)
  • Start Game Killer and start your game (on MIUI ROMs you need to grant popup permissions)
  • If this is the first time you play you need to make some coins, otherwise it will be impossible to use the tricks.

As mentioned in the 3 point you must already have some coins, the necessary to buy / sell items in the game. If the game gives coins during the game, and not just at the end of the level, you can instead hack it already during the game itself. The game I tested is I, Gladiator and below I show you the process in every single step.

After completing the first level and earning the first coins (258 to be exact), I move to the inventory. Then I access Game Killer through the icon (top left) and enter the figure corresponding to my coins, then I press search andAUTO IDENTIFY'

As you can see in the last image, the value was found in all well 15991 times! So we change the number of our coins by selling or buying an item and proceed as before with Game Killer. I sold 2 items: thanks to the first I came to get 289 coins in all and through the sale of the second to 345. So, after the first sale I re-ran the search on game killer (with the new value) getting only 5 results and after the second sale I still got 5 results as in the following photos.

Once you get few results, let's change them all by opening them with a simple tap and inserting the coins you want to get. As soon as we are done, the coins of the game will also become the same as those inserted by us!

It is therefore important to already have a fair number of coins to be able to vary them through purchases / sales and carry out as many researches as necessary to obtain the right strings to be modified. The process also works with premium coins. Finally, as mentioned above, Game Killer should work with many games, so if you use it let us know if you have succeeded or not and with what game you used it!

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