[Hacking] Remove licenses, ads and permits for Android applications with Lucky Patcher

Today we want to talk about an application that will allow us to radically change applications. This is an app that we don't find in the play store, we're talking about Lucky Patcher. To be able to use it is necessary have ROOT permissions.

Lucky Patcher is able to apply patches to some applications to remove the license to use an app that is otherwise free of charge; remove advertisements in individual apps or throughout the device; modify certain permissions; create modified APK files. The interface is very intuitive: as soon as we start Lucky Patcher we are shown at the top all the applications to which it is possible to apply patches or remove ads - with different colors depending on the patch or if it is just ads - and below the applications on which it is not possible to act, of red color.

As for the other functions in general, we can clean the Dalvik-cache, remove the fixes to the apps in order to update them, make the applications ODEX to save memory, install the modified play store (which allows the refund without uninstalling and therefore without backup and resets), restart the device ect.

As it is not correct to change the license and / or remove advertisements for the apps, in this article we will limit ourselves to explaining how to create a modified APK. This allows us to modify the permissions and activities of an application, creating precisely a new modified APK that we will reinstall or send to other terminals. Obviously you can also leave the permissions as they are and then create the APK simply to share it with someone.

Create modified apk file

We start Lucky Patcher and look for the application to modify. With a prolonged tap a menu will open, choose Create modified APK and immediately after Apk with modified Permissions and Activities and we will find ourselves in front of a nice list (often long). Green will be the permissions that the application requires, instead the activities are blue. We remove unwanted permissions and plug Rebuild Application!


Obviously you can also leave the permissions as they are and then create the APK simply to share it with someone. Now we can find our modified application in the / sdcard / LuckyPatcher folder. We can change the folder and the name under which the applications are saved from the settings.

To download Lucky Patcher click the following link and go down to the bottom of the page where you can choose whether to download it on PC or directly on the phone via QR code.

Download | Link

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