I, Gladiator: Gladiators of ancient Rome compete in bloody battles on Android

I, Gladiator is a game recently landed on the Play Store in which we play the role of one of the most powerful gladiators, Rufus, winner for 3 consecutive times of games.
These games were celebrated by emperors in ancient Rome during times of peace and consisted of challenges between men or men and wild beasts, until death. The strongest, the winners, became such gladiators.


We will start the game with the prologue, where we will learn how to use attacks, dodges, parades and displacements. Our hero will be at his fullest potential, but he will come killed in a duel because of his kindness of heart. He will come back to life thanks to a bet between the gods, where Mercury he bets everything on Rufus, convinced that he can also win the next games. Then the real story will begin, so our strength will be low as well as health and energy and our weapons and armor of poor quality. We must therefore force ourselves and challenge the other duelists to earn money and experience to buy more performing weapons and increase our skills.


The gameplay takes a lot. We can hit opponents with weapons, punches and kicks, with lots of executions, special shots and traps to push them into. It is possible that the opponents also duel each other, and therefore we can take advantage of it, but most of the time we will find ourselves in front of several opponents (even if they seem to respect the line, or at least initially it seems difficult to be attacked at the same time by multiple opponents at the same time). It is also possible to walk between one duel and another, but this I found a little uncomfortable because often the view turns suddenly. The flaw is instead not being able to move during the duel, since the key of the movement is the same as the shield that changes depending on whether we are in a duel or not.
Among the possible executions it satisfies a lot the possibility of being able to literally remove the head or other parts of the body from the opponents, as well as impale through well-placed kicks after having stunned or done them burn alive.

Screenshot_2013-10-17-22-52-09Beautiful, very beautiful, also the possibility of being able to collect some weapons from the ground - or shields falling to the enemies, thus varying between spears, bats, swords and double weapon.
Depending on combos, killing speed and other factors, the judgment of the public will vary to us, which will give us extra coins and experience if it is positive and lose them if it is negative!
I, Gladiator also supports the multiplayer with different game modes.

Graphics and sounds

The game is of course in 3D and has a well-maintained graphic, with a slightly style cartoonizzato. On the other hand, the audio is amazing, the background music really like it - said by me that usually, I deactivate it even before starting to play - and they particularly affect the dialogues in Latin accompanied by Italian subtitles.


The game is well done, no doubt, and thanks to about 40 levels (arenas) we will spend a few hours glued to the display. It is not entirely positive that despite being paid, there are in-app purchases, but you can do very well without them.
All in all then the game deserves a lot and if we were to give a rating from 1 to 10, surely it would be a 9 full! | Download in English

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