The future of Ubuntu is only the 64bit version

During the Ubuntu Developer Summit, that is UDS 14.11, among the many topics covered, there was also talk of what will be the future of the Ubuntu release in the 32bit version. The following will surely not make many users happy.

ubunt 64bit

For those who have followed the environment and the Ubuntu developer community, it is known that there was talk of removing Ubuntu to 32bit, to concentrate all efforts and attention on the Ubuntu release to 64bit. Not to mention the desire to focus even more on support for the ARM architecture and the mobile release of Ubuntu, that is Ubuntu Touch.

Here during the UDS 14.11 Shuttlewort has informed the public and users of the distro GNU / Linux, that until April of the 2016, the Ubuntu version of 32 bit will be guaranteed from then on there will be no more support and no warranty.

So, if you have a PC with 32bit architecture you have to think that from the Ubuntu release 16.04 LTS will no longer be compatible for your machine, but only for 64bit machines and no longer for 32bit machines.

The Canonical, in this period of a year and a half, has proposed to make a soft migration without creating injuries.

I conclude this small post with some questions:

  • What do you think of this choice?
  • Have you been using Ubuntu 64bit for a long time?
  • To keep the same PC, do you plan to change GNU / Linux distro?

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