How to install the GCam on Xiaomi smartphone without root

Install the GCam without root permissions now it's possible on almost all Xiaomi terminals! The process is very simple and we will see it in this brief guide.

gcam xiaomi no root

Why install the GCam?

Almost all Xiaomi users begin to venture into the world of modding above all to improve the quality of their phone photos, especially those in the low end (Redmi).

In fact, if we were to look for a defect in an Xiaomi smartphone, you would surely think of the low photo quality. However installing the GCAM the results become incredible, not even comparable to the shots captured by the stock camera of Xiaomi. Here are some comparisons between the stock chamber and GCam su Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Another comparison between stock camera and GCam on Xiaomi Note 5 Redmire.

Installing and running the Google Cam unfortunately is not easy, because first of all it is necessary to enable the API2, which activate the possibilities to obtain sharper photos, RAW images, etc.

Almost everyone believes it is necessary to have root permissions in order to enable the API2 and install and operate a GCam, in reality instead it is possible to make it work even without these permissions which sometimes cause us problems with some security system of particular apps as they can be those of a bank.

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How to enable API2 without root

There are only two requirements to enable API2 and install GCam without root: Bootloader unlocked e recovery TWRP. These are the points that we can define more complicated, if you satisfy them you can continue with the guide by following these simple steps:

  1. download which will be used to enable the API2, then copy it to the phone
  2. Restart in recovery TWRP:
    From the phone off, press and hold the key Volume Up e Power
  3. Flashate the downloaded file:
    From TWRP click on Install, choose the file and confirm with the swipe to the right.
  4. Great, you're done!

ATTENTION: this file is born for Xiaomi Note 5 Redmire e Redmi 5 Plus however it works on many other Xiaomi smartphones. The flash of the file does not cause damage to the smartphone but in rare cases the hated could occur bootloop. For this reason, before starting, it is recommended to make a backup using TWRP.

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How to check if the APIs have been activated?

After the flash, to verify that the APIs are enabled, simply download Camera2 probe from the Play Store.

Camera2 probe
Camera2 probe
Developer: Tobias Weis
Price: Free

At this point check below Hardware Level Support Category which item is in green. If they turn green Limited o Legacy would mean that the file failed to enable the APIs, otherwise you will find below other entries with all active functions.

For example, in the following screens we have Mi Mix 2 and OnePlus 5T with active APIs and Redmi Note 4 with non-enabled APIs.

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How to install the GCam

Now that the APIs have been enabled, we can finally install the GCam to make the most of our camera and shoot with new features: HDR +, Photo SphereIn format RAW, etc. But which version should you choose? In This Page we find a vast collection of APKs, but as you can see it is not very easy to choose. Don't worry, XDA thinks that it collects in this post, with order, the GCam version recommended for different smartphone models: Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc. Another place where you can find the Google Cam is on this Telegram channel. And now that you are also joining us at our channel : )

It is not said however that the app works at 100%, in which case I suggest you take a look in the various forums to find other GCam versions and the best settings to use for your phone.

If you have managed to enable and operate the GCam or if you have problems, let us know in the comments.

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