Install Photo Sphere with and without apk

We make photos at 360 ° with Photo Sphere

If our device is equipped with an 4.1.1 android version or higher we can create fantastic 360 ° panoramic views thanks to Photo Sphere which unfortunately is not present on all devices. Let's find out how to install it.

There are two alternatives. Download the apk and copy it to the device to install it as a normal application or install it manually via file manager with ROOT permissions.

Installation via apk

We download the application from XDA by clicking here and move the application to a folder on our device via usb. Now let's go into settings and safely activate the unknown sources option, which allows us to install applications outside the Play Store. Through any file explorer now we go to open the app copied previously in our device and install. In the end we will find ourselves two new apps, namely a new camera and a new gallery, which will not eliminate the previous ones.

Installation by copying individual files

This may seem more complex, but in reality it is not. This procedure is important for those who find roms like MIUI that have frequent updates, which overwrite the photo sphere app and must be reinstalled. The operation takes a few minutes and a file explorer with root permissions to be able to move to the system files. In this guide I use FileManager.

Download the zip file at the bottom of the article and decompress it. Let's move the folder on the sd card of our device and open it from FileManager (if we have not yet given root permissions, let us give them settings). Now let's open the subfolder system and then again app. We select the top option Multi to select multiple files, then select GalleryGoogle.apk e GmsCore.apk and back to the main folder "/". Here we select system and then app and let's glue the two files into it. We repeat the procedure for the other files: let's move back to the sd folder and again to photosphere. Open the system folder and this time LYB. Through the multiple selection option we select all three files


Now let's go back to the main directory "/" and open system, then lib and paste the whole.
We remove the root permissions to the app to avoid inconveniences if someone should use it and restart the phone. Upon restart we will have our two new camera and gallery apps with lots of Photo Sphere! (9.0 MB) | Download

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