Install Ubuntu Touch on Ubuntu!

You want to try Ubuntu Touch but don't you have a supported device? From today it is finally possible to test it on your Ubuntu distribution thanks to an emulator! For some time, it was possible to install it on Ubuntu 14.04, but today we see instead how to install it on the latest stable release, the 13.10 and the latest LTS, the 12.04.


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If you are trying the beta of the version that will be released in April, or Ubuntu 14.04, this one already has the Ubuntu Touch repositories, so it will be enough to give from terminal

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-emulator

for 13.10 and 12.04 versions instead

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: phablet-team / tools sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-emulator

At this point all that remains is to create the files needed to run it


File creation and execution

We give from terminal

sudo ubuntu-emulator create UbuntuTouch

to create and download all the necessary files. You can use any name instead of UbuntuTouch, so if you change it, do it also in the following lines. You can create multiple instances with the same command, just replace the name.

The downloaded files will be saved as follows:

  • Image downloaded in: ~ / .cache / ubuntuimages
  • Image created in: ~ / .local / share / ubuntu-emulator

Then start it!

ubuntu-emulator run UbuntuTouch

the process will take a while before starting, and eventually it may ask for your username and password. Used phablet per entrambi.



To get a list of all installed emulators, run

ubuntu-emulator list

then type the following command, with the name of your instance, to delete it

sudo ubuntu-emulator destroy UbuntuTouch


Create screenshot

To capture a screen, you can type

ubuntu-emulator snapshot --create = SNAPSHOT UbuntuTouch

replacing SNAPSHOT with the name you want to give, and UbuntuTouch with the name of your instance.


ubuntu-emulator snapshot --revert = SNAPSHOT UbuntuTouch

to restore it.

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