Install Whatsapp with ART Runtime on Android 4.4 KitKat (Update)

With the introduction of KitKat the ART runtime has been included which can be substituted for the Dalvik from Settings -> Developer options -> Select runtime.

Unfortunately, some applications are not compatible, for example whatsapp, one of the most used chat services. Timely, however, the XDA team, as always, has found a solution. It's about flashing a file,, which will allow you to normally install Whatsapp from the Play Store.

The procedure is quite simple:

Edit: ROOT

  • download the .zip file
  • activate ART, if you have not already done so
  • copy the file to a folder on your terminal
  • started in recovery
  • flash the zip
  • install whatsapp

As I have already said, the procedure is really easy and useful even for those who, like me, could not even install it with Dalvik.

Update, update request: if this should prompt you to update continuously, you must disable the automatic update.

Update, no ROOT: it is recommended to use the cwm recovery for those who have root, for those who do not have it, follow these steps:

  • uninstall whatsapp
  • download theapk (version 2.11.42 found only on aptoid)
  • using dalvik, install from apk 
  • switch to ART

Download | Link

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