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Although many users love Linux, they are still forced to use Windows because obviously many applications are only available for the latter and one of the most used applications is definitely Photoshop which, we can say, is the best graphic editor. However, those who have to retouch images certainly know GIMP, the open source graphic editor that can very well compete with Photoshop, it is enough to think that it is free but at the same time very effective. Who then makes the transition from Photoshop to Gimp, could miss it or simply mess with the keys and keyboard shortcuts, which are not the same. But there is a way to make them identical!

You will surely know DevianArt, the site with the largest collection of images, animations, photographs and much more. Among these, also the customizations for many applications, and the one we will talk about, as you may have guessed, concerns GIMP. As I said before, it serves to 'transform' the interface so that it resembles that of Photoshop, so download the file and proceed with the installation guide.

Download GIMP 2.8 Photoshop Tweaks | Link



First we make a backup of the current settings, during installation it is difficult for something to happen, but if we wanted to go back, we could do it thanks to the backup. If GIMP is open, close it.

$ mv ~ / .gimp-2.8 ~ / .gimp-2.8.old

for versions of GIMP 2.8, while for 2.9:

$ mv ~ / .config / GIMP / 2.9 ~ / .config / GIMP / 2.9.old

As far as the latter version is concerned, it is certain that some settings (for example the shortcuts) will not work, since the modified package was released for the 2.8 version



The application of the changes is quite simple. Just extract the folder (.gimp-2.8) contained in the zip in the home and starting GIMP you will immediately notice the change.

To apply the changes to GIMP 2.9, instead, you will have to copy the entire zip inside the .config / GIMP folder (also in the home. This is a hidden folder (like all those with the point in front of the name), then press Ctrl + H to show it. At this point extract the zip inside the folder where you copied it, and rename the file from “.gimp-2.8” to “2.9” (exactly without .gimp and obviously without quotes).



We backed up, so in case we want to go back to the old setting, just run 2 simple terminal commands. As for the installation is backup, you have to close GIMP!

$ rm -r ~ / .gimp-2.8
$ mv ~ / .gimp-2.8.old ~ / .gimp-2.8

for the 2.9 version instead:

$ rm -r ~ / .config / GIMP / 2.9
$ mv ~ / .config / GIMP / 2.9.old ~ / .config / GIMP / 2.9

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