Kazam, the best screen recorder for Ubuntu

Lately, I was looking for little programs to record what was happening in my PC, I tried so many, like recordmydesktop, istanbul, etc etc ... then I came across Kazam, easy to use and set, let's go see it together

First of all, to download it we will use Ubuntu Software Center, just type "Kazam" and only one will come out, then install it, the program is very light, so a few seconds and is immediately ready for use (already available in the official Ubuntu repositories).


                                                                                     (Kazam in "Screencast" mode)

The options are not so many, but the main ones are all there, besides it can not only record, but also take screenshots (the Ubuntu function is fine).

There are options to include sound from the speakers (system audio) and audio from the phone, you can decide how long it takes to start the recording and capture to make the countdown.

You can record a single window running, or a specific area of ​​the system.

The Kazam icon will appear on the status bar (top) in different ways (depending on the situation)


Kazam icon when the recording is stopped

Kazam icon when recording is paused.

Kazam icon when recording is paused.

Kazam icon while recording

Kazam icon while recording is in progress.

By clicking on the icon you can suspend the recording, stop a recording, resume a recording in progress, exit the program and eventually start a new one.

Here is the demonstration video that I shot in with Kazam on my PC:

Kazam Screenrecorder for Ubuntu - InTheBit | YouTube

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