KitKat on Xiaomi Mi2 - Trend, bugs, performance and applications not compatible (5 day update)


In 'previous article I wrote, or rather translated, the guide for installing Android KitKat on Xiaomi Mi2 in dual boot, promising to do a complete review on the progress and performance. So I decided to do an article a day for a whole week analyzing consumption, and everything else, based on usage. 

But I would like to do even more. KitKat being a new ROM for the Mi2 that, at first glance, seems to be going pretty well, I would like to collect a list of applications that do not work at the moment (someone I have already found) and update it as they come back to work, also to do tests on Xposed modules to see which ones work and which don't. So I ask, politely, the participation of those who followed the guide, installing the ROM, to have the list always updated. 

Let's start by posting the result of the benchmark with antutu, not that it's important or decisive for performance, but just to get an idea.


This article will be continuously updated.
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Various tests on consumption, bugs, performance etc during a week.

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