Klick: Android multi-function button for only 30 cents!

Months ago up Kickstarter a project was launched for a product, which when inserted in the 3.5 mm jack turned into another physical key. The final price of this object was around a few dozen euros! A few months ago, instead it was launched Mikey da Xiaomi, an object with the same functions but less than a dollar !!

I don't talk about MiKey today, but about Click , a multi-function button for Android that you can buy for yourself 0.30€, without further costs. Through the dedicated application you can assign any app or function to be launched with a simple click, and most likely it will also be possible to set different combinations with multiple simultaneous clicks.


To buy Klick, you must first register on gearbest.com, then add the object to the cart e enter the promotional code GBSMR to bring it home for you alone $ 0.39 (0.30 €) instead of $ 2.02. The accepted payment method is PayPal - therefore in total security - finally make sure to choose the standard delivery, otherwise you would add to the final price the moderate sum of 21 euro!

The promotion ends the 19 July and I have already taken advantage of it 😉 Will you buy it?

app management


NON compatible models (list not complete):
- HUAWEI: Honor 3C, C8650, U8500, G610-T11, Y500-TOO
- Lenovo: P700, A798t, A750E, S720, A789, A750, A850
- Coolpad: 5870, 7235
- ZTE: U880, U950
- Sony: Z1

OS not compatible:
- Apple IOS
- Windows Phone
- Blackberry OS
- Android 2.3 or earlier

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