The CyanogenMod Installer application has been removed from the Play Store

Applying one of the most loved and used ROMs for modding your Android terminals, CyanogenMod Installer, has been removed from the Play Store for violation of the terms. An application that was loaded only a few weeks ago, and that in this short period has reached hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The CyanogenMod team was contacted by the Play Store team - writes - because the application violated their terms and if CM did not remove the application the Play Store team would have done. CyanogenMod has complied with Google's wishes, but the real motivation was revealed in the feedback received later: "the application itself is harmless and does not violate any term, but encourages users to void the warranty"

Obviously the CM team does not give up, and continues as it has done so far to make available its ROM and its applications through the various hosting services and emphasizes that fortunately Android is an open system and allows installation from unknown origins (sideload) on all devices.

If you want to download the application you can find it on the official CyanogenMod page, by clicking here. CM also hopes in an alternative to the sideload requesting the upload of your application to the Amazon and Samsung stores.

What do you think of Google's choice?


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