The new MIUI 11 will have less invasive advertising

Xiaomi soon it will release the long awaited MIUI 11, the eleventh version of the user interface found on all the Chinese company's smartphones. The same Lei Jun, CEO the company, a few days ago asked its users several tips on what to implement in the new version of the software but also announced some features.

MIUI 11: Less advertising, a photo basket and an energy saving mode

Behind the ads there is a big turnover and the income does not stop at a few pennies. The same Xiaomi in last year's balance sheet he closed the accounts with ben more than 1.5 billions of dollars arrived only from advertisements. If on the one hand these ads carry very high takings, on the other hand they create more than some discomfort in the user experience. This is why the Chinese company has decided to cut down on invasive advertising.

MIUI 11 will have less advertising

In fact, according to the words written by Lei Jun in a post on Weibo, Xiaomi took the firm decision to improve, with the MIUI 11, the user experience and bring it to the highest levels. And to do this it is also ready to give up the advertising revenue that, to date, has invaded some system applications.

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Obviously there will be no complete removal of the advertisements, but there will be a clean break of those extremely intrusive and inappropriate ads. In addition to this improvement, the CEO company, also anticipated other features: There will be a temporary basket for deleted photos, a "low-power" mode to preserve the battery it's a magnifying glass.

La MIUI 11 therefore it promises to be an upgrade ready to revolutionize the user experience of every smartphone Xiaomi. Software development started at the beginning of the year and we expect to have official announcements of release dates in the coming weeks. We therefore advise you to stay tuned.


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