Photos taken by Redmi with 64MP camera will weigh more than 20MB

Nowadays the technology of mobile devices is about to greet, slowly, the sensors from 48 megapixel. If only last year we started getting to know them, already by the end of this year many companies will switch to even more powerful sensors like the new sensors from 64 Megapixel. Surprisingly the first company that would seem the first to release a device with this technology is Redmi. Yesterday, in fact, the company has released a first photo sample made from their smartphone Redmi with 64 megapixel camera.

Smartphone Redmi with 64 MP: the company releases new details about it

After yesterday's surprise announcement, Redmi has arrived on everyone's lips. All this thanks to the publication of the first official sample captured by a photo sensor from 64 Megapixel, the first step towards a new photographic quality. Today he has decided to delight us with further news regarding this brand new sensor technology.

Redmi with 64 MP

After the official presentation of the new sensor, on the network, there have been some rumors regarding the resolution and the weight, in terms of megabyte, of a probable shot at 64 Megapixel. today Redmi wanted to officially communicate some details about it. The most important is what the smartphone Redmi with 64 MP will present a structure of well 4 sensors of which the principal will be, precisely, from 64 megapixel. One click, however, could weigh around the 20 megabytes. The quality of a shot will present a greater level of detail than a common image reproduced on a television with resolution 8K. A quality never achieved by a mobile device.

Unfortunately, the company has not talked about the type of sensor that will be used on the device. However, some rumors are likely to use the sensor SAMSUNG ISOCELL Bright GW1. The sensor in question, thanks to Tetracell technology, allows you to take pictures of 16 Megapixel by combining 4 pixels with 1, to achieve a sharper image in low light conditions.

It seems by now a real era since when Xiaomian, and most of the Chinese smartphones, were characterized in negative for a not excellent shooting quality. Now, however, it is a small Chinese company coma Redmi the first to reach a new milestone in the age of shots on mobile devices. There is nothing left to do but wait for the situation to evolve and, perhaps, hope for some more important announcement in the coming weeks.


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