LightConky: simple and colorful conky script

I was looking for a nice script on the internet for Conky... Some did not work and some did not like me ... Then I found a simple one that more or less worked ... Then I asked myself ... Why not try to modify this script?
I succeeded and wanted to share it with you, even if I repeat, it is very simple, it is the first script that "I create" so criticisms are open 🙂

It consists of two scripts in the set

  • lconky-scripts / lightconkyrc1
  • lconky-scripts / lightconkyrc2


The one on the left is lightconkyrc2, the one on the right is lightconkyrc1

In very short words: the script on the left lets you view User, Battery and Calendar, date and time (Music I removed it: Rhythmbox from problems).
The script on the right allows you to view system info, user processes that use multiple CPUs, and network information.
The information is contained in, in my Git repository which I will write to you at the end of the article.
The network card is: wlp7s0, to modify it, uncomment yours in the script and comment wlp7s0, in a future update I will leave you a script that allows you to choose the tab. Without making too many changes.

I want to clarify that the original code is this: Venomous: Conky script

To download the repository, run this command on the terminal:

git clone

To download the latest updates:
- Navigate to the folder where the LightConky repository is located and run:

git pull

I leave you at various links

GitHub Repository: GitHub: StefanoBelli / LightConky [In English]: (branch: master) StefanoBelli / LightConky

If you have a GitHub profile you can safely fork :), and if you like ... Follow me!

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