Linux 4.0 stable released


Linux 4.0 stable has finally been released for a couple of days (about a week), after about 2 months of development as foreseen in the article linked above, here is that the stable source code of Linux 4.0 is ready to be compiled! You can view the compilation instructions in the link posted above.
Everything is well explained in both articles.
The most important novelty in Linux 4.0 is certainly the possibility of update, add / remove modules without restarting the computer, then we find as always bugfixes, improvements to the source code, improved performance and support for new devices.
Surely for the more "nerds" the upgrade to the new kernel will bring many benefits, but the possibility of finding bugs in Linux 4.0 is not excluded.
For this we recommend leaving it running Linux 3.19 as it is more stable than 4.0, moreover, having compiled the kernel I noticed that on my Arch it WICD does not work after the update, I have to use netctl to connect to the internet, despite this the performance seems to me to be slightly improved, even if simply changing the kernel, with the governor and scheduler the performance does not vary much, the Arch kernel is already very fluid and lean.

An estimate of my update times

  1. Arch Linux (1-2 weeks after release)
  2. Fedora / RHEL (2-3 weeks after release)
  3. Ubuntu (3-4 + weeks after release)
  4. Debian (3-4 + weeks from release (testing))

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