Italy relaunches on e-learning

In a hyper-connected world in which everything is measured in bytes, the university could do nothing but adapt to modern times. Here is thee-learning peeps into our lives, expanding the potential of university teaching consistently. Italy is a country that traditionally produces talent in any field, from medicine to design, through engineering, information technology, economics and more. Telematic universities, with their entry into the university offering since the last decade, have enabled our country to take an important step forward.


A research group together with some university professors - "Italian talents abroad"Drafted a document entitled"E-Learning: the ongoing revolution and the impact on the education system in Italy“, Made specifically for Aspen Institute Italia. A document that analyzes the methods and teaching processes on a digital basis in the national territory. The platforms that offer an online training offer - I Mooc, “Massive Open Online Courses"- or simply online courses such as these, they are literally depopulated. Every year, they involve millions of students who, for one reason or another, do not have the opportunity to regularly follow a course of study by physically going to the university.

The future is right before our eyes, and the main objective is first of all to scratch the widespread prejudice that telematic universities are equivalent to a lower quality offer. An important step has been taken in these days, thanks to the agreement signed between Luiss of Rome and the Berlin startup for telematics teaching called Iversity. From October 3 the second "Mooc" started in "Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies" promoted by the Bocconi University of Milan, which for the occasion collaborated with Sda, using the Coursera platform. About twenty thousand students from over 150 countries will take part in this project.

Studying online has never been easier thanks to the numerous electronic devices on the market. From Apple products such as I-phones or I-pad air - the latest model of Apple-powered tablet - going through devices that use the Android operating system. Among these the great success of Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, which in the latest versions exploit the brand new operating system renamed Kitkat, or android 4.4, lend themselves well to fast data processing, uploading videos, documents and files just like real laptop computers.

Without considering the success of the Nexus - in particular the N5 and the N7 - and of the Phablet, the new hybrid between tablet and Smartphone. The performance of these models has impressed the general public with an almost unexpected success also thanks to the price, all in all accessible. Microsoft, for its part, made a breakthrough with the Surface 2, after the first attempt had not convinced much. An excellent solution to study anywhere, thanks to the great practicality and manageability of the hybrid tablet / notebook with the keyboard separable from the device lock.

In short, the tools to study online certainly are not lacking, so we only expect that Italy will respond positively to the widespread need for distance teaching. The progress made by the various universities is considerable, but to bridge the gap with the most avant-garde European countries it will certainly be necessary to wait a few years.

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