The Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition shows itself in the first real photos

Lo Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition was one of the devices presented last February 20 on the stage where we saw the whole family of gods reveal MI 9, la version SE compress. Definitely the presence of an edition Explorer Edition also for the ninth edition of the series MI it was obvious. Someone, perhaps, expected a presentation and a separate launch but instead, the company decided to present it along with its standard version. Today, finally, come the first real photos of the device that shows itself in all its power and beauty.

Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition: Features and first real photos

This version of the MI 9 Explorer Edition (or even called by many Transparent Edition), it differs from the standard version of the device for greater hardware power but, above all, from a very interesting back cover that leaves, thanks to some transparencies, a glimpse of what might seem like hardware. A type of design that has immediately won over many fans since its first version with the MI 8.

Features and technical specifications

Lo Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition arrives on the market with really attractive hardware, let's start by telling you that the processor will always be there Snapdragon 855. Excellent, of course, even the photographic sector where we find the triple rear camera already seen in the standard version, the display will be a Super AMOLED area of Samsung by well 6,39 inches, confirmed the presence of an optical fingerprint sensor in the display and, a highlight, are the GB made available by the Xiaomi for the RAM: Ben 12GB! The phone battery will be of 3300 mAh, it will be interesting to see if it will be able to give the right autonomy to the device despite the incredible hardware sector.

To learn more about this incredible device, you can check the data sheet via the following link

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

Transparent photo and back cover

Obviously the strong point of this magnificent device is the beauty and innovative back cover that makes the phone "naked" showing us the inside; obviously we will not see the real hardware components. Unlike its previous version, however, the back cover does not dwell only on the upper part of the device but also continues on the lower part: in fact there is an interesting transparency in the underlying part that shows a circle with a "flash" in the center that goes to indicate the top-up form wireless that the new Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition supports 20W. The photos that have just come out of the device speak for themselves and showcase a phone with a unique design. Here they are:

Beautiful photos that do nothing but confirm the beauty of a type of smartphone that has now become a home specialty Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition will come out at a price not exactly from Xiaomi: around 525 €. But for the unique design and absolutely first-class hardware we can certainly say that the price is worth the product you are going to buy.


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