Lubuntu 14.04: Fix Network Manager Icon

A day has passed since the official release of the latest version of Canonical distributions and some users have complained about problems Lubuntu 14.04, in which the Network Manager icon is not displayed in the panel.

The developers are already working to fix the bug, but meanwhile from Web8UPD an immediate solution arrives: the problem concerns only the connection of Nework Manager and to get around the bug is very simple:

  • Since Menu of Lubuntu select: Preferences -> Default applications for LXSession.
  • Go to the Tab "startup"

    lubuntu 14.04 nm-applet

    Source Web8UPD: Screen LXsession

  • In the section "Manual autostarted applications"Add command manually"nm-applet"And click on"+ Add"
  • Now all that remains is to restart or log out / Log in to correctly display the Network Manager icon in the Desktop panel.
    Fix network manager icon

    Source Web8UPD: Fix network manager icon

We recommend is not use "sudo nm-applet”To be inserted in the Autostart tab as some permissions to the Network Manager would be changed and this could cause some problems.

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