Magus: perform actions by turning your Android terminal

Today we talk about another application developed by the XDA team, an application whose function is based on the proximity sensor. Rotate your terminal, turn it, turn it upside down (do not throw it in the air!) And depending on the movement you will activate the function or you will start the application set for the movement performed thanks to Magus.

The application is available in a free version and in a "donated" version, that is a paid version to support development. Of course, like all applications, free versions have limitations and maybe Magus is too limited. In fact the actions that we can set are only 7, that is: to compose emails: to silence the device; record voice (on and off); start the gallery; pause google music; put in play google music, activate / deactivate Bluetooth.

Among the options donated instead we find many more actions like: remove the silent, start camera, flash or specific applications, lock and unlock the device, change audio track, dial a number and more.

As movements (gestures) possible instead we find Face up, Face down, Top side Up, Bottom side Up, Right side Up and Left side Up. To understand which position they refer to, we can use the first "Show Preview" option which, by enabling it, and tilting the device, will show us the equivalent movement.

To create a gesture we can put movements from 2 to 4, via "Add new gesture" and choose the corresponding action, save and then activate Magus with the "Start Magus, it is stopped" option. We can later modify or delete through the gesture list.

Finally, through the settings we can choose whether to launch the app together with Android, whether to activate the notification, to ensure that it remains active even when the app is closed and to set the sensor sensitivity.

To download the app below you will find the free and paid version badges

Official page

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