Alternative Android Market: why use them?

What are the most interesting alternative Android markets? and what more do they offer in the Playstore?

A few days ago I came across one market research created by Globalwebindex, which highlights how only 1 in 2 people use Google search to browse online with mobile devices (smartphones and the like), the remaining 50% of users access the internet exclusively through apps (primarily Facebook).

alternative android market

source: Globalwebindex

Stunned from the information I just learned, I took the opportunity to refresh the topic, trying some of the alternative Playstore markets to see if they really offered something more. Here is "The definitive guide to the alternative Android markets"(Joke, of course 🙂 in technology and especially with regard to the Android world there is nothing" definitive ", but the intention is to create a post full of information and constantly updated with your suggestions indicated in the comments).

The interesting business that has been created around the applications has led to the birth of various Unofficial Android Market, everyone decided to carve out a slice of the market in their own way by drawing on the huge number of users of the Playstore, all for the benefit of us users, who can count on a wider range of applications without necessarily being subject to the vision and rules that Google imposes via the PlayStore.

Why use Android Alternative Market?

With over 1 billion applications, it is natural to ask whether it makes sense to prefer other markets to that of Google, which boasts an infinite number of apps, perfect integration with Android and a good level of security that avoids the spread of viruses, malware and others. threats due to the installation of infected apps.

I alternative android market, to compete with a giant like Google, they try to offer users absent or lacking features in the Playstore, which boasts many advantages, but also rather strict rules that are imposed on all content hosted. All this has the consequence of the continuous exclusion from the store of app (sometimes) interesting, because not in line with the Playstore policy. Here, then, that some alternative markets, with more permissive policies, also include these types of apps (eg applications to watch streaming movies, adult apps, etc.). Other markets instead focus on open source, others on a different cataloging of and so on, in short ... there is plenty of choice! ;-).

Best alternative Android market

1 - Aptoide | Link

It is one of the most discussed and well-known markets, has very permissive policies that allow it to host many applications including those for adults and streaming that are not normally accepted in the Play Store, the downside is the presence of many junk or low quality.

Another feature of Aptoide is the management of external repositories or third-party repositories, which therefore allows to expand the application pool with sources chosen by the user, a little clarification: the external repositories must be chosen carefully, preferring the most used and famous recommended directly by Aptoide, because the contents of the unofficial repositories are not controlled by Aptoide and can therefore represent a risk of Virus and Malware.

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2 - F-Droid | Link

The Android Market that focuses on privacy protection and open source, no registration and no email address is required to use F-Droid. All the apps present are released with a free license and open code that can be viewed directly from the download page, furthermore it is reported when an app has some proprietary dependencies so that the user has full awareness of what is going to install; As for Aptoide, F-Droid also allows you to include external repositories.

Other interesting features are: the possibility to download previous versions of apps, the management of external repositories and the possibility of consulting the app catalog even offline; while among the negative notes, it is worth mentioning the absence of the most famous apps (because they are obviously proprietary) and more generally, a smaller number of applications when compared to other alternative android markets.

Anyway, I suggest you try F-Droid at least once, you could find nice alternatives to the apps you use most, thus preserving your privacy and avoiding selling off your personal info.

3 - APPBRAIN | Link | Playstore

Appbrain it's probably the best alternative android market with which to find the apps of our interest, the applications are in fact divided into many categories (quite specific) and within each category it is possible to find the most popular apps of the week or day, those most appreciated by users, the most popular in your country, the latest apps published on the store and other search criteria.

Furthermore, the graphic interface of Appbrain has nothing to envy to that of the Play Store, and not only for the pleasantness and care of the graphics, which may or may not be liked according to personal tastes, but for the convenience it offers all user to navigate between apps with disarming simplicity while providing very useful and relevant information for their research.

Another interesting feature of this market is the possibility of make the installed apps public on your device so that other people can consult them and in turn consult them, this function has been included to facilitate the sharing of apps with your friends in Appbrain.

Recommended for those who are always looking for interesting new apps to install on their smartphone / tablet.

4 - Amazon AppShop | Link

The Amazon app store was initially created to enclose the Kindle apps, but subsequently, the Seattle company has seen fit to compete with Google by including all android apps and not just those related to Kindle devices.

The experiment so far has not given great results, perhaps due to the absence of a function that is truly innovative with respect to the Playstore, however the Amazon shop has thousands of applications, integrates all the features needed for an android market of quality and to encourage its spread, Amazon, gives to its users an android application (for a fee) every day, a great incentive to try it!

5 - 4Shared | Link | Playstore

4Shared it is not really an alternative android market, but a file hosting where you can upload your files, there are more famous ones like Google Drive, Dropbox, Spideroak but this works differently! 😉

Usually file hosting services are used to store your files in a safe and always accessible place, usually ensuring a high level of security since now the industry Big (like Google Drive and DropBox) encrypt every file on their server as an additional security measure.

I could not quantify what is the safest file hosting service and most probably 4shared would not come first, but earn a place in this article which deals with alternative android market for its interesting function that allows users to publish (publicly or privately) uploaded files and search among the thousands of apps and shared files, thus offering a huge database full of contents.

Unlike the other markets presented in this article, 4Shared does not perform any checks on the files uploaded by users, this means that the risk of Virus and Malware is really high, carefully choose what is installed!

Which alternative markets do you use? And why? Write it in the comments ..

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