Meizu MX3 with Ubuntu Touch, will be presented at the Mobile Asia Expo

Meizu MX3: the first smartphone with Ubuntu Touch

It can be said that since the beginning of this year, especially after the CES 2014, it is a continuous talk of Ubuntu Touch and mobile devices that should host it by default.
Throughout this period, some people gave up the project and the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system. Apparently they were wrong, especially considering the news of the release of the release Ubuntu Touch RTM and news of the arrival of the Miezu MX3 smartphone.

Meizu-MX3-Ubuntu-Mobile Asia Expo-20141

With an official release, Canonical announced the arrival and presentation of the Meizu MX3 smartphone with Ubuntu Touch, during a dedicated event divided into two sessions at Mobile Asia Expo 2014. As I said the event dedicated to the presentation of the Meizu MX3 smartphone with Ubuntu Touch, it will be divided into a part on the morning of 11 June, that is 9: 30 and a second part, always the same day, but from 15: 30.

Meizu MX3 features

Unfortunately no details and news were released on the hardware part of the future Meizu MX3 smartphone, which will host Ubuntu Touch. I can only leave you with a little hands on, created during the CES 2014, hoping that it can deceive the short wait, which is missing until the presentation of this smartphone.

For the moment this is all I can tell you about the Meizu MX3 smartphone with Ubuntu Touch, keep following us closely for other details and news on this topic.

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