I Fan Festival 2019: super discounts Xiaomi up to the 6 April

From midnight of 4 April until midnight of 6 April will be held on Mi Fan Festival 2019, an event dedicated to Xiaomi users to celebrate with great discounts on many Xiaomi products. Several online stores will participate in this event; you will find them below with the various methods of execution.

Who participates in the Mi Fan Festival? Best offers and discounts for Xiaomi devices and Smartphones

I fan festival 2019 discounts and offers

Here is the list of shops that participate with discounts, coupons and offers at the Mi Fan Festival

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Obviously the official website,, cannot miss the call, promising many discounts for the next few days. In addition to the proposed offers, a refund is also available via coupon for those who buy a smartphone: exactly 10 € for each 100 € of expenditure, 30 € for each 200 € of expenditure and 60 € for each 300 € of expenditure. All products on offer, how to participate, prices and conditions are available in This Page.

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The Banggood Mi Fan Festival

Banggood today has played in advance and has offered some really interesting offers for different Xiaomi smartphones. Most likely tomorrow until 6 April, the offers will continue, but it's better not to miss today's ones. Below is a selection of the best deals of the day; don't forget to follow them on ours Telegram channel with more than 4k members or new Facebook page dedicated to offers. This is instead the event page

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Global 4 / 64GB Blue / Black
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Global 4 / 64GB Blue / Black
After completing
Xiaomi Redmi Notes 7 4 / 64GB Global Black
Xiaomi Redmi Notes 7 4 / 64GB Global Black
Xiaomi Mi 9 6 / 64GB Global
Xiaomi Mi 9 6 / 64GB Global
Valid for Blue and Black

Here all the Banggood offers

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Xiaomi fan party on Gearbest

At Gearbest we have not yet received any special discounts or coupons for Xiaomi Smartphones at the Mi Fan Festival. Only flash offers that you find in the dedicated event page and some coupons for bulbs and gadgets that you find in the following selection.

Obviously we are not even at the beginning, so from tomorrow the real offers will start and other sites could be added. As always you can follow them in real time on Telegram channel or new Facebook page dedicated exclusively to offers

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