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Hello it's a VPN (Virtual Private Network) free e multiplatform which has a very ambitious goal, that of make internet 10 times faster: obviously we are far from this goal but we have obtained a slight improvement in the performance of the internet in these days of testing, let's see in detail what this service offers.

Hola can be installed su PC, tablet e smartphone increasing it connection speed using the p2p network: the contents displayed by each user (part of the p2p network) are saved in a cache and serve another user in the same area who needs to view the same content; Furthermore, all the stored data in the cache come compressed in order to reduce the amount of data exchanged between users, resulting time and Megabyte savings.

In summary: more users use Hola in our area e the higher the speed increments will be, furthermore when the content displayed by us is not yet available in the cache, Hola will establish some multiple connections to the server picking up the necessary information faster, storing it for subsequent users who will need it, increasing, even in this case (albeit to a lesser extent) the performance of the internet.

By doing some tests, a rather obvious improvement has emerged in the buffering of some videos, while as regards the download speed I have not detected any improvements with the activation of Hello: I have done the 6 for well times Ubuntu download from the official website and in all cases the download time was 18 minutes, so no difference.

Performing it speed test both from PC and from Android, there is an increase in the speed detected by the program below you can view the results (the first screens concern the PC while the last ones, Android):

speedtest hola android

The results obtained have no absolute value: among the various speed-tests the speed detected was different: in principle with active Hola, the speed-test results have improved, but these improvements are not so marked in the actual and real performance of the internet.


Another function of Hello is to be able to mask the location from which you connect, thus allowing you to bypass the complaints applied in your state or to be able to take advantage of services that are not normally available in your state such as Netflix, the famous streaming service not yet available in Italy.

Just activate it site unlocker of Hola and we will be able to choose specific VPNs (sorted by geographical area), which will change our IP, thus allowing us to "trick" services such as: Facebook, Netflix, gmail, Google Play etc etc ..


To install Hola on a PC go to the OFFICIAL SITE and download the correct version: in case of operating system other than Windows it will be enough to download the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.

The application is also available for Android and is present in the PlayStore, requires root permissions enabled with versions of android prior to 4.0, click the following link | Download in English

It is not recommended to enter your sensitive data such as passwords and username when using this type of service.

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