Top 5 best browsers for Android

Which of us can give up a pleasant and complete web experience?

It happens every day to anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet having to search for information on the web, but this is not always a pleasant practice because maybe the pages are loaded slowly or because you don't have a very fast connection, well, for this very reason. I have selected for you the 5 best browsers for Android (free) and downloadable directly from Play Store.

UC Browser

UC Browser is a web surfing application with really interesting features, in fact using it I found one loading speed higher than its opponents, but as if this were not enough it also allows the use of a lite mode during which you will save data and load web pages at an excellent speed (even in 2G network!), but the real strengths of this application are the download accelerator, thanks to which you will be able to increase the download speed beyond the 30% and the integrated Ad-Block that does its job very well.

Download | Link

CM Browser

Web browser particularly light and fast which incorporates aantivirus, useful if you surf on risky sites or simply to avoid them; much appreciated the download scan that checks for the presence or absence of malware.

Download | Link

Firefox for Android

Another good candidate is definitely Firefox Mobile that if on the one hand it does not exceed in loading speed on the other side it offers stability, an infinite series (or almost) of addons and themes. In my opinion its most useful function is the reading mode, which can be activated on any web page so as not to strain your eyes too much.

Download | Link

Alternatively there are other Firefox-based browsers, like the new one Adblock Browser e Tint Browser, a browser for Android very light with a weight of about 1 MB!

Opera for Android

Opera is a well known browser that offers a service of data compression to avoid wasting precious megabytes while browsing, it also incorporates a folder where you can save the various web pages so you can read them off-line (so without having to top them up).

Download | Link

Google Chrome

The known could not be missing from this list Chrome for Android given that he too, in his small way, offers functions that should not be underestimated, first of all the possibility of translate the web page without using additional applications, as well as Opera, Chrome also provides a data compression module that can be activated from the settings.

Download | Link

And which browsers do you use? Feel free to comment to have your say and recommend your favorite browser.

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