Best ROMs for Xiaomi? Here are all the features and differences

What is the best ROM for Xiaomi smartphones? Anyone who looks into the world of modding will sooner or later find himself asking the same question: but then what ROM do I put, what will really be the best?

which rom to choose for Xiaomi

We begin to dispel any doubts: there is no perfect ROM for everyone, depending on your personal tastes, needs, terminal in use, etc. In this article we will try to see the various features and differences of the most popular ROMs. Let's start with the ROM MIUI, the typical Xiaomi ROM, and the various ones MIUI custom with their features.

MIUI China and MIUI Global

best Xiaomi MIUI ROMs

The official ROMs are divided into 2 fundamental branches: the China and globlal. Both China and Global exist in 2 different versions: Stable e Dev (or Developer). The building receives updates approximately each month, the dev every week. The devs, on the contrary to what we might think, are on average stable, have no particular bugs and, in this case, are quickly solved.

The numbers follow the release date as far as devs are concerned (for example the 8.9.6 dev has been released the 6 September 2018), while on the buildings the numbering is progressive. Some terminals born for the Chinese market do not receive the Global dev such as lo Xiaomi Mi Note 3.

Moving from China to Global was relatively easy untilannouncement a few days ago by Xiaomi, which has imposed a currently impassable block, punishment brick of your smartphone. Irreversible action also through MiFlash (the Xiaomi tool for flashing ROMs in fastboot). Currently it is not yet known specifically how this block will be implemented.



There are lots of custom MIUIs and new ones come out every week. They are almost all based on MIUI China and as main features offer more customization and elimination of Chinese services not usable in other countries. The best known, at least in Italy, is certainly the MIUI EU, also available in 2 versions: stable e weekly (the term dev is replaced by the more understandable weekly which refers to the weekly update that is proposed).

The most important features are the ability to put third-party themes, the music widget, better RAM management, etc. Receives the translation of the Italian language from MIUI.IT which, roughly speaking, looks a lot like the EU but is less followed and therefore more likely to bug. Currently together with the global are the unique MIUI with Italian language and therefore preferred by many users in our country.

The other most famous MIUI based Custom ROMs are definitely:

  1. MIUIPRO - Very well optimized, unfortunately it has the disadvantage of being the only paid one (15 dollars per year)
  2. Masik - Lately it is having a lot of appreciation from many users, above all from the owners of Xiaomi Note 5 Redmire. Allows you to choose what to install through aroma Installer such as root permissions, theenabling of API2 default to install GCam, the sound mods with Beats or Harman, the lite or complete Adblock for eliminate advertisements annoying on our browsers. Unfortunately it is available only in English and with development for a few terminals.
  3. Hellas (Greek), AM (Brazilian on a global basis), MS e MIROOM (Russian as MIUIPRO and MASIK) and so on and so forth. Most of these ROMs are fine, have no major bugs and are constantly supported. Unfortunately it is difficult to communicate with developers due to problems or suggestions.
  4. The so-called ROM FARLOCCHE - ROMs installed directly by international retailers to remedy the language problem on some terminals, often full of bloatware. Fortunately, today they are almost non-existent and the problem has practically disappeared


Which ROM Choose for Xiaomi - Lineage OS

  1. Let's start with the best known development base for many others: Lineage OS. Continue the path started by the firmware CyanogenMod. Stable, responsive and with few frills, it is perfect for those who want to mount a clean ROM on which they can add their own customizations and their own APPs.
  2. AOSPExtended - Another clean ROM with some more customization than the Lineage Os. Personally I find it to be an excellent ROM, always updated and available for many devices.
  3. Resurrection Remix - A complete ROM that comes from the union of multiple Android ROMs. Always up to date he sometimes suffers from some annoying bugs that are not always solved in a short time
  4. Pixel Experience - If we want to try the experience of Google terminals on our Xiaomi, we just have to install this ROM. It already has the default Google services (we don't have to install the various GApps), moreover the ROM goes well and is usually always well optimized, especially with regards to theautonomy.
  5. Dot Os, CrDroid, Nitrogen, Dirty Unicorns, Mokee, etc - Essentially they are all good, each with small or more important features. Some can go very well on some terminals, others a little less. To try


Again there is no answer. The MIUI already have everything, they are well optimized and need little else (we only need to mention the personalization of the themes, support for dual apps and app blocking, call recordings and the integrated scanner). In the latest devices, gestures have also been implemented that are really comfortable in everyday usability, especially for large displays.

The ANDROID STOCK, on ​​the other hand, have a good stability from them, punctual notifications that with MIUI, especially of Chinese derivation, are not always perfect, and a clean and comfortable interface.

The advice is to follow some discussion on the various ROM forums that are more intriguing to you, useful for discovering the complete features but above all for discovering possible bugs. But above all it is important to try, each ROM as mentioned above has different characteristics and offers a unique experience.

Do you prefer any particular ROM? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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