Mysterious Redmi with Snapdragon 730: Is Redmi Pro 2?

Now one of the most anticipated devices of this year, for smartphone lovers Xiaomi, is the flagship of Redmi which will mount the processor Snapdragon 855. Someone started talking about the probable Redmi Pro 2, with a retractable camera but, after the denial of the company, comes another interesting novelty. In fact, an interesting one has just been discovered Redmi with Snapdragon 730 with retractable room that, at this point, we think is the Redmi Pro 2.

A mysterious Redmi with Snapdragon 730 shows itself in some new photos: could it be Redmi Pro 2?

Lo Snapdragon 730 is one of the latest generation processors produced by Qualcomm. To make you understand, so far, the only device that has already been announced and that will mount this processor is the Samsung Galaxy A80. The smartphone of Samsung is expected in the coming weeks for the Chinese market but, at this point, it will not be the only one. In fact, thanks to / Leak, today we bring you a first photo of a device of the Redmi which, according to the source, will mount the same processor as the Galaxy A80.

Redmi with Snapdragon 730

Seeing the photo, despite the logo, it is not difficult to see a design of the upper part very similar to the design already seen of Redmi Pro 2. The phone in the picture, in fact, shows in favor of a room audio jack from 3.5 mm and a retractable camera. The same features we already told you about in a previous article. A type of design that would give the device a front part completely dedicated to the display which, we hope, can meet expectations by offering a suitable technology (maybe a display AMOLED).

Not only Snapdragon 730: 4000 mAh and triple rear camera

Redmi Snapdragon 730 features

The information on this mysterious device does not end here, in fact together with the photo some features of the mysterious have already been disclosed Redmi with Snapdragon 730. The device will have a very large battery, we speak of well 4000 mAh of battery. For the photographic sector there are rumors of a camera composed of well 3 sensors: 48 Megapixel + 8 Megapixel + 13 Megapixel. A configuration that could be the same as that seen on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

Obviously we have not yet confirmed that this device is the already discussed Redmi Pro 2, in reality we could also have the same device but with a different name. Surely the two smartphones look a lot alike and therefore, we, we are almost certain of this. However a confirmation would mean seeing this Redmi with Snapdragon 730 already a June, since then Redmi will give space to the long-awaited flagship with Snapdragon 855.


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