Mysterious Xiaomi Mi 9T receives certification in Thailand

A mysterious device Xiaomi with model number M1903F10G in recent weeks it has been found in various certification sites, including the FCC for the United States NCC in Taiwan and EEC for Europe. Today, the same model has received another certification for the Thai territory. This time, however, the name of the device is also present in the certification: Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Mysterious Xiaomi Mi 9T receives certification for the Thai territory

Initially the model number that was found on multiple portals seemed to give the impression that the Xiaomi he was preparing a new and interesting device. Today we know the associated name of the model and, obviously, can only remember the Mi 9 series, company flagship. At this point the question arises: That it is a new version of the My 9 ?

Xiaomi Mi 9T

The certification document for the Thai territory does not give us any further information on a device that, at this point, becomes a real mystery. We remind you that the Mi 9 series issued by Xiaomi at the beginning of the year it consisted of three devices: Il My 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 Transparent Edition. At this point it seems very probable to us as the mysterious one Xiaomi Mi 9T is nothing but the abbreviated, and simpler, name of the transparent version of the My 9. A version that, perhaps, the company has finally decided to launch in other markets where it is not yet officially present.

Another possibility, however, could be the mysterious one I 9T is nothing but a fourth and unpublished version of the Mi 9 series. It could even be a more powerful version, the PRO for instance. Even if we believe it is difficult to have a device, by the end of the year, that has performance and more powerful hardware than the already sensational My 9.

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This Xiaomi Mi 9Ttherefore, it remains a device wrapped in total mystery. The only thing certain is that the already many certifications received make us understand that it is a real product on which the Xiaomi could point in the coming months.


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