MIUI 10: The gaming mode and the "Persistence Lockscreen" are coming

La MIUI is the user interface developed by Xiaomi for their own devices and offers additional features to those already offered by Android stock developed by Google. The Chinese company is always careful to develop new versions of the interface to allow its users to have an experience with their device Xiaomi always innovative and pleasant. The new update of the MIUI 10 it's just around the corner and, it seems, it will bring with it some really interesting new features.

MIUI 10 coming up with new features: Game Turbo and Persistent Lockscreen

The update to the MIUI 10 Global beta 9.2.28 is scheduled for tomorrow and from the first rows of changelog of the update seem to leak interesting new features that will transform our use with home devices Xiaomi.

Gaming Boosters function

The first function we want to talk about is a function very similar to the one that was presented on the new one Xiaomi MI 9we are talking about the Gaming Boosters. This new mode, in fact, should be activated during a gaming session and this experience should be improved. Among the functions of this mode we can find the one that prevents the phone from changing the brightness of the device, the one that allows screen capture with simple gestures and optimization of hardware resources to minimize lag and slowdowns. A new mode that will be extremely pleasing to those who use their device even for fun with more or less heavy video games.

Persistence Lockscreen: To unlock the device more and more at the "Apple"

The second feature that the update should introduce was called persistence lockscreen and it will be a new feature that could be very convenient for devices that use unlocking with face recognition. In fact, for those who use this type of device, it was difficult to control only the time or the phone notifications without the face being recognized and, therefore, the device was unlocked by going directly to the home. With this new update, however, once the face is recognized the device will remain on the lockscreen screen showing only time and notifications that we want to be shown and only after a scroll up will go to the home of the device. A type of release already seen and appreciated in the devices Apple.

miui 10

The update of the MIUI 10, therefore, this time it will bring some interesting and useful novelties that could be very comfortable to most users who use the devices Xiaomi, but not only. We just have to wait for tomorrow, the day on which the MIUI beta update will be released.


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