MIUI 11: Arrival is expected by the end of the year

Xiaomi from the beginning of the year to work for the new one MIUI 11. The operating system developed by Xiaomi, in fact, it is in full development phase, as we already anticipated, and is highly anticipated both by the users of the company, but also by the users Redmi who lean on the OS of the parent company. After a few months of total silence, however, we finally have news and, above all, a first "range" of dates in which it will be officially launched.

MIUI 11: The launch is scheduled for the second part of this year

Always the MIUI is the custom operating system created specifically for Xiaomi smartphones. The operating system, compared to competitors, allows us to offer the end user an innovative and unique user experience. In short, a type of interface that has become fundamental and vital for those who have become regular customers of the company. Today, on the profile Weibo, the company's product director, Wang Teng, has released some interesting statements.

MIUI 11 Release in the second half of 2019

Second Wang Teng, in fact, the new version of the operating system of Xiaomi should go out during the second half of this year. A statement that makes us understand how the MIUI 11 it is still under development but it is absolutely at a good point. We can assume an exit towards the end of summer and / or early autumn (September October, to be clear).

Basically we know very little, indeed almost nothing, about the work that the company's engineers are doing on the new software. The only things we know are those that would like the company ready to insert into the code a "Sky Replacement" function to quickly retouch the sky in the photos, or how the intention was already known by Xiaomi, to minimize advertising in the new version of the system.

MIUI 11 will obviously be distributed on all devices of this year, but even fairly dated phones will have the chance to download it. According to the company, in fact, the eleventh version of the operating system will also be released on dated smartphones like the redmi 3S, My Notes 2 and, of course, on all the other smartphones released later.

Complete list of Xiaomi smartphones that will receive MIUI 11


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