MIUI 11: New "voice-to-text" feature for calls

Xiaomi is preparing to release the new version of its graphical interface, the MIUI 11. As usual the update to the new version will bring with it new and highly anticipated features. This year, features such as the "Sky Replacement”Or le 3D Gesture. Today, according to some information portals, a new feature of "would seem to have been found"voice-to-text”For calls.

MIUI 11: New "voice-to-text" feature for calls

The latest rumors about the release of the new one MIUI speak of a presentation event to be held on September 5 and a launch scheduled for the following weeks. So the closer we get to it, the more little anticipation begins to come out of the work done by the developers Xiaomi in these months. A new anticipation concerns a new mode of "voice-to-text”In call that would allow to transcribe a call in text in real time.

MIUI 11 voice-to-text


In reality we don't know much about it. We only have one screen taken from a device in test that shows us the new way to answer a call. In addition to the usual two buttons to answer and to end the call, in fact, there is a third button that starts the voice assistant. Here comes into play the new mode which, according to the first rumors, would allow the voice assistant to transcribe in real time what the interlocutor on the phone is saying. A type of function that could meet those who, perhaps, find themselves in noisy areas and cannot hear on the phone or, perhaps, for those who are unable, for one reason or another, to listen or speak directly.

But it does not end here, because the assistant, in addition to "translating" the text entry, will also offer us some quick answers, based on what we have been told in the call. Practically we will suggest various "quick answers", we will choose the most appropriate one, and then the voice assistant will answer. It is not clear whether there will also be a "text-to-voice" conversion for the answer or not. In short, a type of useful function for simple and very short conversations.

Obviously this new feature will not arrive immediately in the global version area of MIUI 11. In this moment, in fact, it is still in the testing phase for the China and, being developed on the assistant Xiao AI present only on Chinese devices, it will take time for conversion for our assistants. In any case it is a strong signal of the work that the developers this year Xiaomi have done to provide us with an ever faster and more intuitive user interface.


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