MIUI 11: New File Manager and release scheduled for October

Software development of MIUI 11, the next version of the custom software version of Android, it is proceeding at full speed. The company announced the new version in January but still did not disclose any official launch date. Yesterday, however, some information portals reported an exchange of words, which took place on Weibo, which reveals us as the new version of the MIUI will surely arrive before the beginning of the next Winter.

MIUI 11: new File Manager and release scheduled for October

You know, now to find the most important news regarding the world Xiaomi o Redmi you have to go directly to the source. A Chinese user knows that on social media Weibo has succeeded, through a reply to a post, to be revealed a period of launch of the next version of the user interface developed by Xiaomi.

MIUI 11 release October

The answer was given by a representative of the software development group of the MIUI and, therefore, from a reliable source that reveals us that the MIUI 11 will be released before the arrival of winter. A statement that narrows the field down to October. A period in which, at this point, the long-awaited one could also be launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. A perfect opportunity, the launch of the new device, to present also the new version of the user interface.

Recently, the company also veiled the design of a first application of the new interface, the File Manager. In some photos came out a few days ago, in fact we can see the design that the application, used to navigate inside the memory of the device, will have in the new version of the MIUI.

MIUI 11 file manager

The new version of the File Manager, compared to its current version, it presents a much more elegant and minimalist design. A fixed navigation coffin has been inserted in the upper part. In the current version the navigation bar only appeared if selected. Going down we find a disposition of more categories that, probably, will collect the memory files in categories assigned either by the user or by the system automatically. For the rest we have the usual grid and folder layout and, finally, we find a bar that notifies us of the memory status in terms of space.

La MIUI 11 a real revolution appears. Since its first days of development, Xiaomi had stated that it wanted to release a user interface that contained all the advantages of the latest versions. Seeing the improvements brought to the File Manager we can say that, for now, the work done by the developers is to be appreciated.


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